ACT Boat Moving Services


  • What is the advantage to moving my boat by water?
Apart from the fact that boats belong on the water, compared to crane and transport fees, we can normally reduce your expenditure by well over two thirds, depending on how far the journey is.  You do not have the associated costs at both marinas for the lift out, lift in process.  Dependent on the facilities at the destination marina and whether there is a crane installed there full time, there may be access difficulties for the crane wagon, which can mean that you will need a boat mover in any event to get the boat through the last leg of the journey.
Diesel engines are designed to work hard, the journey is an ideal  test run to discover any faults or complications that may need to be addressed or for a new boat to be run in properly.

  • Do you leave my boat unattended?
We have moved a lot of boats over the last four years, so know what we need to bring with us to be able to live on your boat for the duration of the move.  Our priority on a move is to get the boat from where it is to where it needs to get to.  We do not pop into bankside pubs or pretty churches en route and will not leave your boat unattended on the towpath.
  • How do you price a boat move?
There are a number of variables that we need to take into account when we move a boat so it is difficult to give a hard and fast answer here.  The bulk of our pricing is the estimated journey time; www.canalplan.org.uk is an excellent source of information regarding this.  We also charge for our mileage expenses to and from pick-up and drop-off points.  We look to be as competitive as we can.  Additional expenses may include mooring fees if we are moving on rivers. Diesel and running expenses may be incurred, receipts will always be provided.
  • How do I pay you?
We are happy to receive payment by Direct Bank Transfer or cheque if that suits you better; cash works for us as well.   We are happy to take advance bookings but ask for a £100 deposit to book your place in our diary. 
  • How accurate are your timings compared to Canalplan.org timings?
We have found the timings on (www.canalplan.org.uk) to be an excellent source of information.  
We know from our previous boat moving experience that there are many variables.   In summer months, we cruise for long hours, starting at dawn, working at the same pace as the canal traffic allows us during peak traffic hours and then making up our distance and lock miles by working late into the evenings. 
Winter is an entirely different ball-game as we really have to gauge progress carefully whilst considering slippery towpath's and lock-sides etc.  On the whole the timings are fairly accurate.

  • What if the boat breaks down during the journey?
We are practical boaters, knowing our way around most problems that materialise in an engine room.  We carry a small selection of tools and diagnostic equipment, so if we can’t fix it, we can usually ascertain what the problem is and advise you accordingly.  We will stay with the boat until we can make alternative arrangements and will endeavour to find a marina or other safe-haven to lodge the boat if repairs are necessary and beyond our capability.  Any costs associated with this will be your responsibility. 
  • What if you damage any of my belongings?
We are insured for up to £2,000,000 on any vessel less than 100’ in length and valued at less than £200,000.
It is a condition of our insurance policy that we take all reasonable care and precautions to prevent loss or damage to your boat and its contents.  
We ask that you pack away any vulnerable items prior to us taking possession of your boat. Despite the duty of care we employ there will always be knocks and bumps, especially when locking.  External damage should be limited to below the rubbing strakes, this kind of damage is symptomatic of moving a boat through the system, but as any boater should tell you, the unknown can throw a spanner in the works. We lay sheets on the floor throughout the boat to minimise mud and dirt ingress. We always sweep the boat through once we have removed our equipment and personal effects.   We treat your boat with care and attention, the same as we would our own.

  • Any other questions?​
Please ring or email any other questions you may have, we will happily answer anything not covered here.​
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Frequently Asked Questions