ACT Boat Moving Services


​"We are a friendly and approachable team of boaters.  If you have any questions at all, please ring us and ask.  If we don't know the answer to your question, we probably know a man who does." 

​​​Andy and Tanya

​Andy and Tanya moved onto the canal as continuous cruisers in 2004.

Tanya's father, Tony, a retired First Officer from the Merchant Navy, had lived on a narrowboat for about 8 years back then.  We were both well and truly blown away by his lifestyle.

A change in our circumstances helped us to decide it was time to jump off the treadmill, so we bought our own 58' semi-trad, sailaway narrowboat.  To this day, we haven't looked back.

In our first two years we travelled in convoy with Tony around much of the network, gleaning various tips and tricks from him, learning proper lock discipline and tips, that to this day, we haven't found in a book or on YouTube.  His tutelage was second to none, equipping us with the ability to move our home safely and easily around the system.

We have now added a further 14 years of boating experience to the initial lessons we learned from Tony and still enjoy being out on 'The Cut'.
Andy exiting Hanbury Lock 1 on the Droitwich Canal
Tanya lock wheeling at Stouport Basin


Chris and Bosun on the
River Severn
Chris moved onto the canal in 2003 and similarly travelled much of the system on his narrowboat.  His enthusiasm and love for the canal, and the boats on it, is truly infectious.  Bosun is his intelligent Staffie-cross, who is always happy as long as he is included!

Chris worked within the hire boat industry starting out at Anglo Welsh where he learned his trade as a Fleet Engineer and then on to A.B.C. Boat Hire where he worked as one of the engineers in the summer months and as a boat painter in the paint tunnels over winter.

Chris is therefore very capable of diagnosing and mending most of the odds and sods that seem to occasionally go wrong down in the engine room.  His expertise has got us out of trouble on more than one occasion and his ability to manouvere a boat in tight spaces makes Andy slightly nauseous on occasions.
Bosun watching the world go by
​Chris lives at the same wharf as us and we have developed a close working relationship over the years. 

We enjoy rising with the lark and sharing the locking, steering and galley duties throughout the day.  Having lived at the bottom of the Tardebigge flight for a few years, we have become hardened to long flights of locks and work together well to complete them without complication.  Usually, due to Tanya's commitments and the nature of the journeys, Chris and Andy move the boats together and Tanya is in the 'back office'.

​A lot of our boat moves are planned around the winter stoppage programme.  Careful planning with Canal and River Trust's mapping software and the various forums on Facebook gets us through the system to where we need to be, avoiding the stoppages as they are implemented.
Chris (left) and Andy (right) lock wheeling for Tanya
Working in the way that we do, we get your boat to its destination as quickly and safely as we can.  We never leave the vessel unattended, bringing sufficient tools, equipment and food provisions to last for the extent of the journey. 

We provide our own transort to and from respective pick up and drop off points, all you need to do is hand over the keys, everything else is taken care of.

​​As a Team